For many years, SACRED has been committed to a proactive approach to environmental management: respect for our environment is a major focus for us.
We consider this to be an essential factor in developing our business; it enables us to operate in perfect harmony with the current and future environment, for our generation and for the generations to come.

This commitment is acknowledged and achieved through our 2010–2015 environmental programme which is updated every year in line with our business plan, our progress plan and our environmental policy.

The key areas of this programme are:

  • Compliance with regulatory and environmental requirements
  • Protection and conservation of our natural world
  • Integration of green materials
  • Staff awareness, knowledge and training
  • Waste recovery
  • Saving energy

Our Approach to Sustainable Development

Respecting the Universal Declaration of Human Rights is, by its very history, a founding principle for French businesses in the 21st century. As a medium-sized French company and global corporate citizen, the SACRED Group fully embraces this tradition and achieves it by its commitment to the principles of the Global Compact, demonstrated via its approach to sustainable development.

SACRED, signatory of the “French business climate pledge 2017”


To achieve our strategic goals and satisfy our customers’ requirements, we have chosen a development approach that focuses on six key areas:

Safe and clean environment

To improve safety, reception conditions, working conditions, the quality of the environment and, therefore, efficiency.

Assured quality

To ensure the compliance of the products supplied and to ensure our customers’ satisfaction and loyalty.


Thanks to a multi-skilled, self-sufficient and responsible team, composed committed employees who express their ideas.

Respect for deadlines

To successfully manage designs, equipment and processes for procuring, manufacturing and supplying everything necessary, on a just-in-time basis.

Evolving markets

By implementing complementary technologies and cooperation agreements to offer our customers a range of solutions.

Develop continuous improvement

To save time, raw materials and machinery, and reduce our cost prices.


Implementing a Quality Management system and continuous improvement in its efficiency is a necessary precondition for this policy to succeed.

SACRED is both a designer and manufacturer of rubber parts: we have numerous test facilities (leak tests, endurance tests, pull-off tests, assembly/dismantling tests, etc.).

SACRED is IATF 16949 (automotive), ISO 9001 (quality) and ISO 14001 (environment) certified.