The Group

The history of Sacred Group

SACRED was founded in 1946 in Boulogne-Billancourt, to the west of Paris, and then relocated in 1956 to Saint-Lubin-des-Joncherets in the Eure-et-Loir department. It is now France’s leading medium-sized company in its field, bridging the gap between the big names and the various SMEs in the industry. We are highly specialised in our domain and are active contributors to our profession, especially with the “Centre Français du Caoutchouc et des Polymères” (The French Centre for Rubber and Polymers), “La Fondation du caoutchouc” (The Rubber Foundation), Elastopôle and FIEV (the French Vehicle Equipment Industries Association).

Over the last 70 years, the SACRED Group has evolved to become one of France’s leading specialists with an international presence in the formulation and development of elastomer compounds and the moulding of flexible elastomer and/or thermoplastic parts for clients in all industry sectors.

SACRED has established multiple locations worldwide for proximity to its customers, while at the same time consolidating its policy centre and its research and development centre in France. We have four production sites in France (in the Eure-et-Loir, Haut-Rhin, Allier and Rhône departments) and four worldwide (in China, Mexico, Romania and Morocco). Our group headquarters and our research and development centre are located in the Eure-et-Loir department.

We supply large international groups (such as PSA, Renault Nissan, Schneider, Krupp and Bosch) by developing a policy of innovation, quality and service from our production facilities.
Our commitment to the environment logically demonstrates our willingness, within our scope of influence, to affirm our core values: Independence, Proactivity, Commitment, Sustainable and Responsible Growth, Local and Global Balance. This commitment enables us to formalise our approach on the following key areas and to measure their progress and long-term impact:

  • Integrate green biosourced materials
  • Recycle and recover our raw materials
  • Save energy
  • Evaluate our carbon footprint.

A word from our CEO

At SACRED, we offer our customers the benefit of over 70 years of expertise in the design and manufacture of elastomer compounds and rubber and plastic components for industrial applications.
The heart of our business is our research and development centre, located in Saint-Lubin-des-Joncherets in the Eure-et-Loir department in France; this supplies our seven production facilities across four continents: Europe (France and Romania), Africa (Morocco), Asia (China) and America (Mexico).
Our group’s financial and organisational strength provides you with the reassurance of a reliable long-term partner for the future.
You will find our company values communicated consistently across all our sites. SACRED is a signatory of the UN Global Compact and Climate Pledge and has always been heavily involved in the organisations and activities of our industry.
We hope you enjoy visiting our website.

Didier FEGLY
Président groupe SACRED


Our values

SACRED has become France’s leading medium-sized company in the industrial rubber sector by pursuing a business model that continually aims to balance its entrepreneurial spirit with the need to work within a defined operating environment.

The business’s capital and management must retain maximum flexibility with regard to external financial intervention, which means continuing our long-stated aim to be self-financing.

A positive and creative mindset, in adversity as well as in success, is a necessary precondition for advancing and leading all Group employees to reach their maximum potential, both in the interests of the company and for their own job satisfaction.

Say what we do and do what we say. Clearly. A firm commitment to the stakeholders of the business, customers, suppliers, employees, shareholders and local authorities both fosters mutual trust, without which nothing can be sustainably built, and gives us a responsibility not just to do our best but to actually achieve results. We must be firm in our commitment but also know when to act decisively within the various constraints we face.

The vast majority of profits are reinvested into production and design, demonstrating that our goal is not to maximise profit in the short term but rather to optimise financial performance in the medium to long term, to ensure business growth.

SACRED is building its future in an open and highly competitive world. The production facilities in France, in other European countries and on other continents form the basis needed to serve our international customers by having industrial and commercial sites in multiple locations, creating value both in France and in other countries. SACRED does not engage in “offshoring”: rather, it manufactures in countries as close as possible to its consumer base, while still creating value in its sites in France, the core of its innovation and growth.
To sum up the company’s business philosophy in one phrase, one could simply confirm that, in its day-to-day tactics and its long-term strategy, SACRED aims to unite:
– Customer satisfaction
– Financial efficiency through continuous optimisation
– Justice in the workplace by means of a well-balanced employment and development policy for its employees.

The economy is nothing but a way to develop life itself


A group that respects gender equality

The SACRED Group is proud that this result demonstrates its commitment to ensure men and women are treated equally, not just through its words but through its actions as well.

*Companies within the legal scope: Sacred Europe, Sacred SA

Group activity in figures

Founded in 1946

70 years of experience


on four continents


committed employees


sites across the world


of over €50m

120 Presses

9,000 tonnes of material per annum